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3D Guided Implant

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3D Guided Implant Surgery in Matthews and SouthPark

sidexis-ixImagine if we could know what implants to place, what angles to place them and if anything is in the way before we ever start your surgery. Well, using 3D guided implant placement, we can! Our office uses the 3D Guided Implant Surgery technology: The Sirona XG-3D Cone Beam Cat Scan System for 3D implant placement along with the Sicat Guide system. Using 3D X-Rays and a combination of regular and 3D impressions we get a perfect picture of your bone, teeth and jaw. The software “stitches” the X-Ray to the models and creates a full digital representation of the jaw. Using this precision digital model, we can experiment with different implant sizes and designs and perfect the angles of your implants. We can even plan the type of restoration we will be making for you. After all, the end goal is a new tooth – not just an implant. This produces the highest quality results in the safest and most predictable manner possible.

3D implants implant 3d

From the digital models, a surgical guide is fabricated by Sicat which has holes that exactly match our desired implant placement. The guides are placed in position during surgery. Using a special set of drills, the guide enables us to make the exact placements we have already planned within microns. Below are examples of computer-generated drill guides. There are various types of printed guides used for different situations.

sicat guides

We are proud to use the guided implant surgery technique in Matthews to make dental implants easier and safer than ever. You can find out more about the Sicat system by clicking the picture below: