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Complex Dental Treatment

Complete Dental Care for Complex Dental Problems.

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Complex Dental Problems Require Complete Dental Care

Step One: Expanding the Menu

Smiles for Everyone

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Babu opened the Dream Cafe? Before he made it Pakistani, the menu had something for everyone. Complete Dental Care also offers something for everyone. At McKee Dental Associates, we are always taking continuing education courses to expand our skills. We do this so that we can offer more dental treatment choices for you on our treatment “menu”. Our doctors are experienced with a wide range of problem-solving techniques and we have a reputation for thinking “outside the box” to come up with innovative solutions for complicated dental problems. Some of these include:
  • Overdentures and Overdenture Partials
  • Precision hidden clip dental partials
  • Fixed and Removable combinations
  • Complex dental implant reconstructions
  • Telescopic fixed and removable bridges
  • Titanium and Zirconia supported dental prosthetics
  • Multidisciplinary treatment (including orthodontics)
Together, we can find an “outside-the-box” dental treatment for you. It also means that if you choose to work with us, we may be able to do more for you in one place without having to go to multiple specialists’ offices.

Step Two: Ordering Right

If the foundation of your home was shifting would you re-tile the floor? If the walls were bowing out, would you re-shingle the roof? These examples seem silly but we see patients like you every day with severe dental problems that have only been treated “tooth-by-tooth”. They have spent years in the dentist chair and thousands of dollars without results. They are in the same place because the underlying dental problems were never solved. Sometimes it’s because of the restaurant. But other times, it’s because patients refuse to look at the whole menu. If you don’t look at the menu, how would you know what to order? How can we begin to guess what to cook? For Complete Care, we will need permission from you to:
  • Perform a complete and thorough dental examination including x-rays and an oral cancer examination.
  • For more complex cases, take photographs, study models and jaw “index” called a facebow.
  • Show you the problems we find and allow us to discuss them with you.
  • Come up with a plan to fix those problems.
  • Implement that plan step-by-step to help you achieve a healthy smile.
We will follow the same principals and attention to detail in order to succeed – no matter how complicated the problem. We understand that complex dental treatment can be embarrassing, frightening and expensive and we promise to do everything that we can to guide you through the process.

How do you eat an elephant?

eat an elephant

One bite at a time.

Even if you’ve heard it before, we often fail to apply it to our lives. Sometimes your dental issues seem insurmountable. They are not. It just seems that way because the never-ending list of “to-dos” in our lives begins to paralyze us. Start at the beginning and keep eating. (we don’t really eat elephants, by the way…it’s just a metaphor. We actually really like elephants.) If you have complicated dental problems, take the first bite and click or call 704-708-4402 to schedule for a comprehensive new patient examination, radiographs and diagnostic workup. This small step can make all the difference in your oral health.

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