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Orthodontists Matthews NC

Straighten Your Smile with Our Experts

At Mckee Dental Associates, we are dedicated to your smile’s perfection. Our orthodontists in Matthews, NC deliver exceptional care right here in Matthews, ensuring your comfort throughout the entire process. We understand the transformative power of a radiant smile, and our commitment lies in crafting smiles that bring everlasting joy to our valued clients.

Searching for a trusted and caring orthodontist treatment in Matthews, NC? Your journey to a stunning smile begins at Mckee Dental Associates. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you choose the ideal treatment options tailored to your unique lifestyle and needs. Get your Orthodontic treatment at the same Matthews dental office where you go for the rest of your dental care and save both time and money.

Advantages of Getting Your Orthodontic Treatment Done at Mckee Dental Associates

  • Convenience – All of your treatment is performed in one place. Mckee Dental Associates coordinates all of your preventive dental care with your orthodontic visits to make sure that you don’t fall through the cracks. We also take your wires and elastics off when possible before your cleanings in most cases and put them back on afterwards so we can do a more thorough job.
  • Cost – Generally, it is more affordable to see a general office for treatment rather than a specialist. Our fees are competitive and we feel we offer our patients an excellent value with uncompromising quality.
  • Experience – We are not Orthodontists; however, we didn’t just take a weekend course either. We are General Dentists that have enjoyed providing exceptional orthodontic treatment to our patients for over fifteen years. While there are some situations that require the expertise of a specialist, the majority of orthodontic problems are straightforward. The bottom line is that we only treat the cases we are comfortable with and refer the cases that we don’t so that our patients get the best care.
  • Flexibility – Orthodontic treatment alone doesn’t always fix your smile. Sometimes your treatment requires other skills like prosthetics, cosmetic bonding or even implants or surgery. If that is the case, doesn’t it make sense to have the same person who will be doing the work also do your braces? Because we are general dentists, multi-specialty work can be done in one place rather than running from office to office for consults, estimates and treatment plans.
  • Results – We have treated hundreds of orthodontic patients in our careers. We love orthodontics and we pride ourselves on meticulous case finishing and attention to detail.

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