Looking for a Matthews dentist?

Our Matthews dental office is conveniently located adjacent to the Siskey YMCA. Dr. Ryan Woodman and Dr. Victoria Malz of Mckee Dental offer safe and gentle dentistry for patients in Matthews, Weddington and South Charlotte.

Let us help you improve the way you look and feel, starting with your smile!

How Can McKee Dental Help Your Smile?

If you are looking for a Matthews dentist, consider McKee Dental like thousands of other families in the area.

  • Check out our testimonials to see what other cool patients have to say.
  • Take a look at our case portfolio. We think the quality of our work speaks for itself.

We proudly provide complete general and preventive dental care for your whole family. As a one-stop Matthews dentist, we care for Pediatric, Orthodontic and Special Needs patients too!

  • Do you have a broken tooth or broken teeth?
  • Do your gums bleed when you brush?
  • Would you like straight teeth?
    • Comprehensive Orthodontic treatment for both children and adults including Esthetibraces Six-Month Braces Treatment and Invisalign.
  • Are you missing one or more teeth?
    • Replacement of missing teeth or teeth damaged beyond repair using dental implants including 3D guided surgery. Teeth can also be replaced with bridges, dentures and partials.
  • Are you unhappy with your smile?
  • Have you stayed away from the dentist because you are nervous?
    • We offer both nitrous oxide and sedation to comfort even the most fearful patient. If you are afraid, you should check out our sedation options.

Why Choose McKee Dental to be Your Matthews Dentist?

  • We listen to our patients. We practice on the founding principal that it is our job to listen to our patients’ concerns and provide them with the information needed to make good treatment decisions. While insurance companies have tried to reduce the medical profession’s capacity to nothing more than “providers”, we believe that in order to heal our patients to the best of our ability, we must still be “doctors”.
  • We love what we do. Everyone’s grandparents, including ours, always told us to choose a career doing something that we love. That’s easier said than done. For our part, our doctors love dentistry and love our relationships with our patients. Our staff was handpicked because they share in those same values. After all, if you don’t love what you do, how could you possibly be any good at it?
  • We’re not a spa (you know better than that anyway). Our office is really comfortable and we have spent a lot of time and money making sure that the quality of our facility meets the high standards of our care. Beyond that, the marble floors and granite columns of a taj-ma-teeth only add to our bottom line and yours.
  • We’re not a sales pitch. We go home each day knowing that we have based our treatment recommendations on what is best for our patients. There is no closing, no hard sell, no”what would it take to get you in these teeth today” moments. Our relationship is based on trust and listening to one another. In the long run, that is what is best for all of us…
  • We treat you like family. Our whole team prides themselves on the personal care we give our patients and we try hard every day to get to know our patients better. Should you choose us, you will find that from the first phone call, we’re a little different. Over four thousand families already look to us for a wide range of dental treatment solutions. We hope that none of them ever feel like just a number.

We look forward to your family joining our ‘dental’ family and enjoying the benefits of excellent oral health
Matthews Dentist

Our Promise to Our Patients

  • Our dentists and staff hope to guide our patients towards a path of optimum oral health and well being.
  • Our dentists and staff will educate and assist  our patients in making wise dental healthcare choices, encouraging them to be  partners in their own wellness.
  • Our dentists and staff will pursue clinical excellence in our dentistry.
  • Our dentists and staff will respect our patients’ time and treat them as individuals tailoring a dental plan to meet their needs – not the needs of their insurance company.
  • Our dentists and staff will deliver the highest possible level of dental care, with comfort and understanding .
  • Our dentists and staff will deliver this care in an atmosphere of honesty, integrity and first-class, five-star service
  • Our dentists and staff will consistently strive to exceed our patients’ expectations.