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Full Arch Implants Matthews, NC

Replacing all of your teeth.

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Full Arch Dental Implants in Matthews, NC

Whether due to rampant dental decay or severe gum disease with bone loss, it is sometimes necessary to replace all of your teeth and supporting structures with full prostheses, or dentures.

Wearing Dentures is Not Easy

Despite what the TV commercials for glues and pastes may say, for most people, dentures are the beginning of a whole new set of problems and not the end of their tooth problems like they thought. Denture patients are constantly concerned with their teeth and are almost always aware that their teeth are not their own. Dentures shift and move as you speak and they provide a minimum of chewing force. They lose suction which can cause them to come out unexpectedly. As your bone changes and melts away, the fit will worsen and these problems will increase.

It’s about Quality of Life

No denture, no matter how good, comes close to your natural teeth. Implants are the only method in dentistry to naturally replace your teeth while preserving bone and maintaining the quality of life you deserve. There are many levels of implant treatment. Each method is different – not better or worse – than any other. Most importantly, each method provides a solution for a specific set of problems.

Our expertise and experience helps us determine the best solution together with you, not for you.

Tooth Replacement Alternatives

full arch locatorSnap In Denture

One of the simplest and most life changing restorations is the placement of two lower implants with snaps or clips that are used to hold the denture in place. Your denture no longer floats in your mouth. It stays secure against the gum providing significantly higher chewing force and greater comfort. When used against an upper denture, the implants may help preserve lower bone.

full arch implant barBar Supported Denture

This option uses 4 to 8 implants to secure a bar-type under-structure. The denture is then fabricated to seat over this bar and lock on. Once locked on, this design is completely implant supported and does not move when you chew. The locks can be made using snaps and the design is very flexible. Because the denture can be unlocked, it is easy to clean around the implants and bar but when it is in place, it feels like a fixed bridge.

full archFixed Implant Bridge

Known by many brands like “all-on-4”, “teeth-in-a-day” or “prettau”, this is the ultimate replacement for dentures. This option uses 4 to 8 implants to directly secure a denture or fixed bridge. Very small spaces must be left at the gumline to floss and clean around the implants because it cannot be removed except by us. This design is completely implant supported and does not move when you chew. If youvever want to take out your teeth at night, this is the option to choose.