McKee Dental Associates Savings Plan

Savings on dental work for your whole family

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What is a Dental Savings Plan?

savings quote 600x351 400x234 1 The McKee Dental Associates Savings Plan is a low-cost alternative to traditional dental insurance that will help save up on dental care costs for you and your family. We have four programs to select from, each with its own set of savings opportunities, which includes dental examination, dental cleaning, annual X-rays, and Fluoride treatments with no additional charge. By choosing the package that best suits your family’s needs, after a minimal charge, you can begin saving right away. Our Dental Savings Plan includes:
  • Annual exams, x-rays, and non-periodontal cleanings included for one low fixed price.
  • One emergency visit with examination and x-rays, if needed, is included.
  • No annual caps or spending limits
  • No exclusions or waiting periods, and absolutely no paperwork.
  • No preauthorizations to obtain, no claim forms, and no surprise copayments.
  • Discounts on everything we offer – even cosmetic or orthodontic procedures.
  • Access to limited offers and special discounts when available.

What Are The Advantages?

Advantages Savings Plan Dental Insurance
No Health Restrictions Yes NO
No Waiting Period Yes NO
Instant Activation Yes NO
No Health Restrictions Yes NO
No Paperwork Hassles Yes NO
Elective and Cosmetic Savings Yes NO
No Health Restrictions Yes NO

What Are the Details?

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