New Patient FAQ

Are you accepting new patients?
We are currently accepting new patients in our practice.
Do you accept my insurance?
We accept all insurance carriers as long as your plan allows you to see any doctor. We do not participate in any DMO, closed panel type plans because philosphically, they do not promote the best care for you. We do participate in several PPO, or group disount, type plans. Please call us at 704-708-4402 to find out how you can use your benefits with us. We file claims electronically and in most cases ask only for your portion against the insurance estimated at the time of treatment. In order to do that for you, you must provide us with accurate insurance information before your scheduled appointment.
If I have DMO coverage, what should I do?
DMO coverage is the least expensive coverage that can be bought by you or your employer. Clinics that sign up for these plans get paid a set monthly amount (called capitation) for every patient that signs up. While the premiums may be $20-40 per month, the capitation amount is usually $7-10 per month with the difference going to the insurance carrier. The dental offices sign a contract that they accept the capitation payment and, in turn, waive their fees for basic services and drastically cut their fees for everything else. Because of this, they do not get paid to see you for preventive or basic services and can only charge you if they find more advanced problems. More correctly, they get paid NOT to see you for basic services because if you actually go, their cost to treat you is higher than the capitation payments. This is why we don't participate. Let your employer know that a PPO or traditional plan is only between 5 and 15 cents more per day and you want to go to a doctor that you choose.
My schedule is tough, how can I make my appointments?
We offer early morning appointments starting promptly at 8:00am. We also offer extended-time appointments so that you can get more treatment finished with less time off from work. If your schedule changes often (like pilots or contract workers), we offer same-day VIP appointments on a first-call basis. Call us as soon as you know you have a free day. If we have a schedule change, you will have priority to be added to our day! Lastly, our office generally runs on time. You will not be waiting two hours for a half-hour appointment so you can plan the rest of your day without worry.
I have had radiographs (x-rays) taken within the last year and I don't want new ones. What should I do?
Generally, a full set of radiographs or a panoramic radiograph should be taken every 3-5 years. Bitewing, or checkup, radiographs should be taken every year. In our office, we balance the diagnostic need against the radiation dosage. There is no cookie-cutter approach. We have spent close to $200,000 for digital equipment which allows us to get the information we need to take care of you using minimal radiation. If you have images to transfer that are of good diagnostic quality, we are happy to use them. There is a transfer request form that you may print and sign in the front desk section of our website. We are here to help but ultimately, you are responsible for the transfer of your x-rays BEFORE your appointment day if you want them to be used. If we do not have diagnostic quality radiographs for your examination appointment, it is in the best interest of your health that we take new ones or reschedule. No treatment can be performed without proper diagnostic information. To be blunt, why would you risk missing a tumor, a cyst, a cavity, or infection which could have been seen with such a simple procedure?
Is everyone on staff licensed?
Our doctors are fully licensed to practice in North Carolina. Our staff is our most prized posession! Every one of them is trained and licensed and they are experts in their field. Our office meets or exceeds all of the standards set by the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners and the North Carolina Department of Labor. In addition, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our office and the strict adherence to disinfection standards set by the state and federal government.
I am afraid of the dentist. How can you help me?
You are not alone. We have many patients in our "family" that are also afraid. The first step is to come in and see us. Make your new patient examination appointment and we can get all of the diagnostic information we need to help you make a good choice on how to proceed. We can then discuss the various levels of sedation we offer so you can get the treatment you deserve in the way that fits you best.