A Different Denture

A Different Denture 2013-04-06T01:46:11+00:00

Project Description

There is a big variation in denture prices but did you know that there may also be a difference in how those dentures are made? This patient went to a denture clinic to get new teeth. After struggling with them for several months, she was referred to us by another patient for a look.

What did we do different? A premium composite denture tooth was used in a lighter, more youthful, color. Her bite was set back to her normal natural position – notice how far out her teeth “stick out” with her old ones – they did not even touch. The vertical height between her jaws was also properly restored to reduce the creases and at the edges of her mouth and under her nose. Lastly, her denture was processed using the Ivocap injection process for better accuracy and fit. If you are having denture problems, let us take a look.