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Sedation Dentistry is Available at McKee Dental

Over 50% of the population put dentistry at the bottom of their healthcare list because they are afraid. Some people are downright fearful while others may have suffered bad experiences in the past that haunt them to this day. Some patients have a bad gag reflex or feel claustrophobic during dental treatment. Still others haven’t gone in such a long time that they now need extensive care and simply can’t find enough hours in the day to do the work little by little.

Imagine if you could get your teeth repaired quickly and safely and barely remember how it happened.

It’s time to rest easy. Oral Sedation Dentistry is here!

Matthews dentist provides sedation dental care

Dr. Victoria Malz is trained by and is a member of the Dental Organization for Concious Sedation (DOCS). After an initial visit with us where all your questions and concerns will be answered, we’ll schedule your sedation appointment. You’ll find your treatment is performed more comfortably than you might ever have thought possible. You will be given a very safe and effective medication to help you relax. Once it begins to take effect, you will be drowsy, and unaware of the time passing by. Our specially trained team will monitor you continually throughout the appointment checking your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level.

The biggest plus? We can accomplish extensive amounts of dentistry at one time, and you’ll have little or no memory of the experience. For anxious patients, this new treatment is a miracle. Your dental health is important and need not be neglected because you are nervous. You can live your life without worrying about your teeth or dealing with dental pain and emergencies. Oral Sedation Dentistry is as simple as taking a pill. Click here to read what other patients have had to say about sedation dentistry and learn more from the DOCS website.

Wake up to a new, beautiful smile! Please call us today at (704)708-4402 if you have questions about sedation dentistry or are ready to begin.