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Complete Care for Complex Dental Problems

The First Concept in Complete Dental Care

Remember the Seinfeld where Babu opened the Dream Cafe? Before he made it Pakistani, the menu had something for everyone like a typical New York diner. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a dentist who also offers something for everyone? At McKee Dental, our doctors and staff routinely take continuing education and expand our skills so that we can offer our patients a greater variety of treatments on our “menu”. While there are still dental problems that require a team approach with specialists, we find it is much more convenient for patients when most aspects of their treatment can be completed in house. We also want our patients to be able to pick from several different treatments when possible to solve their dental problems.

Our doctors are also experienced with a wide range of problem-solving techniques and we have a reputation for thinking “outside the box” to come up with solutions for unusual issues. Some of these include:

  • Overdentures and Overdenture Partials
  • Precision hidden clip partials
  • Fixed and Removable combination cases
  • Complex implant reconstructions
  • Telescopic fixed and removable bridges
  • Titanium and Zirconia supported prosthetics
  • Multidisciplinary treatment (including orthodontics)

The Second Concept in Complete Dental Care

If the foundation of your home was shifting would you retile the floor? If the walls were bowing out, would you reshingle the roof? These examples seem silly and obvious but we see patients like yourself every day with combinations of dental problems. These problems can range from simple to complicated but if they are only addressed by themselves you will not achieve a healthy mouth. Too often we see patients that have been treated “tooth-by-tooth”. They have spent a lot of time and money only to be in the same place because the underlying dental problems were not solved.

Complete care means that you give us permission to:

  • Perform a complete and thorough examination including x-rays. Many times for more complex cases this will include photographs, study models and jaw “index” called a facebow.
  • Show you the problems we find that are abnormal and allow us to discuss them with you.
  • Come up with a plan to fix those problems.
  • Implement that plan step-by-step to help you achieve a healthy mouth.

At McKee Dental, Dr. Woodman and Dr. Malz are proud of the thoroughness of their examinations and the detail of their treatment plans. You will find, whether your dental problems are simple or very complex, that we follow the same principals and attention to detail in order to get the best results. We understand that complex dental treatment can be embarrassing, frightening and expensive and we promise to do everything that we can to guide you through the process.

If you feel that you have complicated dental problems that have not been addressed, take the first step and come in for a comprehensive new patient examination, radiographs and diagnostic workup. This small step can make the largest difference in your oral health. If you have already begun this process but would like to see if you are on the right track, give us a call at 704-708-4402 to schedule a second opinion consultation appointment.

Second Opinions

Older-CoupleWe understand that if you have complicated dental conditions, it is helpful to sometimes have another opinion in order to check that the dentistry is right for you. A consultation with a fresh set of eyes can also open new doors and show you other possibilities that you may not have looked at with another doctor. We all want our patients to be well informed and comfortable with their dental care before we begin treatment.

We are happy to provide consultations and second opinions to patients that would like to ensure that they are going down the right path to dental health. There is a nominal charge to cover our time. If you decide that you would like to go ahead with treatment with us, we will gladly apply this amount towards your care. There is never any pressure nor is there any obligation to commence treatment in our office.

Typically, consultations are around a half-hour and are not clinical examinations. A consultation is your time to review the treatment that was presented to you, discuss your options and get more information. It is also your opportunity to get to know us and see if you are comfortable in our practice.Therefore, the more information you bring with you, the better. This means that you should try to get copies of your most recent x-rays, especially the ones upon which your prescribed treatment is based. It is also helpful to bring copies of treatment plan recommendations, gum charting, photographs and even tooth models if they were taken. If a dental specialist is involved, you may wish to get records from them as well. Most of all, prepare yourself with some questions to make the most of your time with us. One of our patient coordinators will be glad to assist you in this process if you need any help.