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Perfect Wedding Teeth

When a great friend of mine was getting married, we had to make sure that her teeth looked great for the wedding pictures! Her teeth were stained from dental fluorosis – a condition that interrupts the enamel while it is developing. This gives the teeth that splotchy look. Minimal prep porcelain veneers were completed to correct the color and create a bright new smile. This case is still going strong at almost 15 years!


Broken Bonds

The patient’s two upper front teeth were fractured many years a go in an acccident. After many years of good service, the composite bonding was broken down and stained. Ceramic veneers were used to rebuild the two teeth.


A Whole New Smile

After over fifteen years without dental care, we were honored when this patient chose us to rebuild her smile. Using sedation dentistry, all initial procedures were accomplished in one day. All hopeless and infected teeth were removed. The remainder were prepared for temporary Biotemp Bridges. All gum work was completed around the teeth to be saved and everything was allowed to heal. In a second session, implants were placed in the empty spaces. the final crowns and bridges were placed about 6 months later.


Dental Bonding Gone Wild

We see this a lot – bunches of bonding done at different times using different materials and different colors. We conservatively removed all of the bonding in a single visit and prepared the teeth for empress veneers. When you are ready to smile, give us a call!


Black and White

Joe had root canal on his two front teeth after an accident when he was a teenager. The teeth turned black from leakage around the composite fillings on the back side. Internal whitening was completed first to get the teeth as light as possible and Emax crowns were placed to finalize the color, shape and size.


My New front Tooth

Our patient got hit in the face and broke her front tooth! The remnants were taken out and replaced with a dental implant. After healing, a crown was placed. The final restoration is Emax ceramic custom stained in the office by a porcelain artist to match the adjacent teeth.


White Fillings

There are many alternatives to your old mercury-silver amalagam fillings. When it is time to replace them, ask us about your options. In this case, direct bonded composite fillings were used as an inexpensive replacement.


A Different Denture

There is a big variation in denture prices but did you know that there may also be a difference in how those dentures are made? This patient went to a denture clinic to get new teeth. After struggling with them for several months, she was referred to us by another patient for a look.

What did we do different? A premium composite denture tooth was used in a lighter, more youthful, color. Her bite was set back to her normal natural position – notice how far out her teeth “stick out” with her old ones – they did not even touch. The vertical height between her jaws was also properly restored to reduce the creases and at the edges of her mouth and under her nose. Lastly, her denture was processed using the Ivocap injection process for better accuracy and fit. If you are having denture problems, let us take a look.


A wedding Story

A few months before getting married, this patient decided that she did not want to look at her “forever” wedding pictures while hating her smile. Whitening followed by veneers to correct her peg lateral teeth and she was “goin’ to the chapel…”


A New Smile

Years of single crowns and bonding made at different times left our patient with with a quilt patchwork of tooth shapes, sizes  and colors. Replacing everything at once with a comprehensive design made her smile young again.


Uneven Teeth

The patient wanted to get her front teeth fixed before her wedding. A combination of gum reshaping, whitening and new crowns or veneers got our bride to the altar!