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Severe Tooth Wear

This patient came to us when she started to notice the wear on her teeth. Years of grinding had worn away the enamel edges exposing the softer dentin underneath. Full mouth rehabilitation was completed using several different types of crowns. Her bite was redesigned using temporary mockups so that it could be refined over a period of time. When everything looked and felt good, indexes were made and the final restorations were fabricated to match the temporaries.


Full Mouth Rebuild

Years of wear plus crowns placed at all different times in different colors, shapes and sizes lead this patient to come to us. After carefully analyzing his mouth, a complete redesign was accomplished. All of the worn surfaces were rebuilt back to proper form and the teeth were whitened in the process. Temporary mockups were used to try out the changes and refine them as needed.  Emax and Empress ceramic crowns and veneers were used for the final dental restorations.


Gum Reshaping and Veneers

This patient always felt like her teeth were too short and square. After gum reshaping, the proportion of this patients teeth was significantly improved. Since the patient had prior veneers, these needed to be remade down to the new gumline. The final case shows much less gum display and the teeth are well balanced. If you have ever felt that your teeth were not shaped well, give us a call to see how we can help.


Rebuilding a Smile

This beautiful girl came to us with cavities that nearly destroyed her teeth. Her main habit was drinking a lot of soda. The acidity and sugar combine to terrible effect on teeth. Several root canals and gum procedures were completed and temporary teeth were made to help heal and reshape her gums to the new contour. After impressions were made about three months later, final crowns and bridges were fabricated. The great result demonstrates how much modern dental materials and techniques can accomplish. There is always a way to smile!


Tooth Bonding can be Pretty

This patient drank two or three cans of soda each day and developed cavities at the gumline on almost all of her teeth. All of the cavities were filled with composite bonding in a single sitting. The teeth were polished and finished. If she can change her habits, they will last along time with minimal maintenance and look great in the process.


Bringing a Smile Back

Our patient really wanted to smile. Over the years, her teeth darkened and chipped at the edges. Crowns were done here and there at different times which led to things not matching very well. Ceramic veneers and crowns were used to repair all of the worn and chipped teeth at the same time. Allowing us the freedom to work comprehensively and treat your mouth as a system really has benefits. Now she is smiling all of the time.


Full Dental Makeover with Implants

This patient presented with missing and broken teeth as well as gum problems necessitating even more extractions. Everything was cleaned up and all infection removed. Biotemps temporaries were placed. Over the span of the next several months, implants were placed. Everything was then restored with final crowns and bridges.


Turning Back Time

Our patient went years without smiling because she was embarrased about her teeth. Ceramic veneers and crowns were used to repair the patient’s worn and chipped teeth and gave her a smile to be proud of.


Fixing a Peg Lateral Tooth

A peg lateral incisor is actually fairly common. The tooth on one or both sides develops into a stump and the wings of enamel that shape the tooth fail to grow. This patient came to us after orthodontics where a space was made to reshape the tooth. Composite bonding was completed in a single visit to fix her smile.


Crossbite Correction With Braces

The patient’s right hand side was in crossbite – notice how the top teeth on that side are “inside” the lower teeth. Crossbite will eventually cause premature or inconsistent wear of the teeth. Notice how it also cause facial assymetry. Braces were used to correct the bite to the proper position in about 18 months.


Straight Teeth with Braces

What do you when there is not enough room in your mouth for all of your teeth? Orthodontics or braces can be used to expand the arch and make room for everything to fit. This avoids extractions that used to be common in the “old days”. This case was finished in about 24 months. If you or child has major tooth crowding, come in and see what we can do.


Straight teeth with Esthetibraces

Esthetibraces (clear braces) were used to straighten out this smile in about 6 months. For less than the cost of three or four veneers, this entire smile was transformed. Best of all, the teeth remain completely untouched! If you have ever wanted straight teeth, consider short term esthetibraces instead of veneers or crowns. Call us to learn how.